Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ways to Invest in the Czech Republic

With the Russian invasion of Georgia, attention has been focused on Eastern Europe and any investment opportunities or bargains there. The Czech Republic is one of the larger countries in that part of the world. Here are some interesting facts about the country:

1. It is a pluralist multi-party parliamentary representative democracy.
2. They have a flat tax.
3. Their annual GDP growth has recently been approximately 6%.
4. It has the highest ranking compared to the former Comecon countries in the Human Development Index.
5. It ranks 35th out of all countries for GDP based on purchasing power parity.
6. Most of the country's economy has been privatized.
7. It has has abolished border controls with all of its neighbors.
8. The Programme for International Student Assessment ranks the Czech education as the 15th best out of all countries.
9. 4.6% of their electricity comes from renewable sources, including hydropower.
10. They have the most Wi-Fi subscribers in the European Union.

Here are some stocks, funds, and an ETF connected with the Czech Republic.

KOMERCNI BANKA (KMBNY.PK) is a Czech Republic-based commercial banking company based in Prague. Net profit margin for the latest quarter increased 41.10%, and return on average equity rose 27.13%.

TELEFONICA 02 CZECH (TFATF.PK) (TFAOF.PK) provides telecommunications services, including voice and data services, primarily in the Czech Republic. Net profit margin for the latest quarter increased 21.22%, and return on average equity rose 17.12%.

ZENTIVA NV (ZTVAF.PK) develops and markets pharmaceutical products, primarily for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, pain and central nervous system diseases. Net profit margin for the latest quarter increased 8.96%, and return on average equity rose 17.97%.

CZECH REPUBLIC RESOURCES (CZHC.PK) has a goal of exploitation of resources, such as minerals and ores, from mines in central Europe. This is an extremely low cap stock and should therefore be considered extremely speculative.

CESKE ENERGETICKE ZAVODY (CZAVF.PK) is an electric utility in the Czech Republic.

Central Europe & Russia Fund (CEE) is an ETF that has about 6% of its portfolio invested in the Czech Republic.

Metzler/Payden European Emerging Markets fund (MPYMX) is a mutual fund that invests about 12% in stocks of the Czech Republic.

Eastern European Equity fund (VEEEX) is an equity mutual fund that invests about one twelfth of its assets in the Czech Republic.

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