Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stocks in Oregon?

When you think of Oregon, you don't normally think of the stock market. However, Portland is the home of a couple of well known Fortune 500 companies. Here are some interesting facts about Oregon:

1. Oregon has no sales tax.
2. It produces 95% of the domestic hazelnuts in the United States.
3. It is the third largest producer of wine in the U.S. with 303 wineries.
4. It is the largest producer of softwood lumber in the U.S.
5. It has one of the largest salmon-fishing industries in the world.
7. Portland has the largest number of breweries of any city in the world.
7. Oregon has the 27th largest Gross State Product in the U.S.
8. Oregon is one of six states with a revenue limit.
9. 55% of state revenues are spent on public education.
10. Last year, Moodys increased Oregon's general obligation bond ratings to Aa2 from Aa3.

The following are stocks of companies that are headquartered in Oregon with market caps above $1 billion.

Nike Inc CL B ( NKE ) designs, manufactures, and sells footwear, apparel, equipment, and other related products. The stock has a PE of 17 , a PEG of 1.16 , and pays a yield of 1.5% .

Precision Castparts Corp ( PCP ) makes and markets metal components in the US and the UK. The stock has a PE of 13 , a PEG of 0.68 , and pays a yield of 0.1% .

Flir Systems Inc ( FLIR ) makes and sells thermal imaging and infrared camera systems. The stock has a PE of 37 , a PEG of 1.49 .

Stancorp Financial Group Inc ( SFG ) is a provider of group insurance products including life and disability insurance. The stock has a PE of 11 , a PEG of 0.93 , and pays a yield of 1.4% .

Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc ( SCHN ) is in the business of recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals, and used and salvaged vehicles. The stock has a PE of 12 , a PEG of 0.69 , and pays a yield of 0.1% .

Porland General Electrical Co ( POR ) is an electric utility which serves the state of Oregon. The stock has a PE of 13 , a PEG of 2.08 , and pays a yield of 3.9% .

Columbia Sportswear ( COLM ) designs and sells outdoor apparel. The stock has a PE of 11 , a PEG of 1.57 , and pays a yield of 1.6% .

Mentor Graphics Corp. ( MENT ) produces software and hardware design products for electronic design automation. The stock has a PE of 1268 , a PEG of 0.91 .

Northwest Natural Gas Co. ( NWN ) is a distributor of natural gas in Oregon and southwest Washington. The stock has a PE of 18 , a PEG of 3.55 , and pays a yield of 3.3% .

Fei Co. ( FEIC ) provides instruments for nanoscale imaging, analysis, and prototyping. The stock has a PE of 28 , a PEG of 2.8 .

For stocks from other states, check out Hawaii stocks, Alaska stocks and Puerto Rico stocks.

Author does not own any of the above.

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