Monday, August 25, 2008

Idaho Stocks

It looks like everything can be negotiated in Idaho. In 2005 the town of Santa, Idaho changed its name to for one year, in return for $20,000. More recently new fiscal legislation passed with the aim of stimulating the economy statewide. Some interesting facts about Idaho are next:

1. $19.17 million reduction on corporate income tax legislation just passed.
2. Idaho is 5th nationally for entrepreneurial action
3. Idaho’s top agricultural products are dairy products, cattle and calves and potatoes.
4. Idaho’s mining sector includes silver, phosphate rock and gold.
5. Service industries are the largest sector of Idaho’s economy.
6. Idaho’s financial sector grew 7% between 2005 and 2007.
7. The mining industry generates 4,100 jobs in the state.
8. Idaho’s Sun Valley is one of the country’s favorite tourist destinations.
9. Idaho’s gross product in 2004 was $43.6 billion.
10. 1 out of3 potatoes comes from Idaho.

The following companies are headquartered in Idaho. They all have a market cap of over $200 million.

Micron Technology (MU) makes and sells semiconductor devices throughout the world. The company recently generated negative earnings of 1.86 per share.

Idacorp Inc Holding Co. (IDA) generates, distributes and markets electric energy. The stock has a PE of 17.46, a PEG of 2.38, and it pays a yield of 4%.

Coeur D'alene (CDE) mines properties in the United States, South America, Australia and Africa. The stock has a PE of 20.11, and a PEG of 0.69.

Hecla Mining Co. (HL) operates mines and markets silver, gold, lead and zinc. The stock has a PEG of 9.41.

Coldwater Creek Inc (CWTR) is a retailer of women’s clothes, and accessories, and it operates mainly in the United States. The stock has a PEG of 32.06.

American Ecology Corp. (ECOL) is a waste management company specializing in radioactive and hazardous waste in the United States. The company has a PE of 26.68, a PEG of 1.26, and it pays a yield of 2.30%.

MWI Veterinary Supplies, Inc (MWIV) supplies veterinary health products in the United States. Also pet foods and nutritional supplements. The stock has a PE of 25.91, and a PEG of 1.38.

Boise, Inc. (BZ) produces and markets packaging and paper items of a wide range. They have a forward PE of 7.

NightHawk Radiology Holdings, Inc. (NHWK) renders radiology services to hospitals throughout the United States. The stock has a PE of 27.36, a PEG of 0.83.

International Isotopes Inc. (INIS) makes nuclear medicine calibration and reference standards. They recently generated negative earnings of one cent per share.

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